We have been working with IT content for years, we give meaning to B2B marketing.

We do interviews, make claims, text newsletters, banners and entire websites and product microsites for our clients from the ranks of IT manufacturers, distributors and resellers.

Our references say it all.

Xanadu a.s.

From designing a new corporate website to generating marketing leads.


Clean and representative web with modern visual elements.
Gesto Computers case study

M Solutions SE

New website with blog, unified visual and communication.
M-Solutions case study


Original content works,

but we go beyond typical and universal copywriting. We focus on the IT segment, where we have been creating content for the B2B sales channel for more than 20 years. We have our own media that have a strong position and reputation across the IT community.

We write professional texts, do interviews, publish press releases, thematic articles and analyzes. We have an overlap in copywriting and online marketing – we invent claims, text newsletters, banners and entire websites and product microsites for our clients from the ranks of IT resellers.

Leave the writing to us ✍️

Our editors create compelling texts and good „copy“, they know IT and understand the context, so their outputs are at a completely different level than the obligatory agency bullshit.

From letters to digital marketing ????

We are not afraid of graphics, mailing campaigns, animations or social networks – we offer modern B2B marketing for IT resellers designed to make marketing campaigns work as an important part of a successful business in the digital age.

Digital marketing
in B2B

Content is undoubtedly the king.

But digital marketing is the kingdom in which he rules. Digital marketing takes many forms and we help our clients explore and try them out. We have the tools, know-how and our own media, thanks to which we can create an original marketing mix. We come up with new concepts and try new approaches.

Websites? We can do it!
We fill websites with meaningful content, manage them and constantly improve them, actions which online marketing cannot do without. We will also prepare product microsites and fine-tune each one of them so that the outcome is obvious.

Social networks, mailings and corporate blogs.
We provide mailing campaigns, regular and one-off, we create a corporate blog, one of the most effective B2B marketing tools.

Our clients trust us

"DCD Publishing has been helping us with our marketing activities for a long time. It is behind the creation of our website, product subpages and unique content on our blog. Thanks to our cooperation, the visibility of our company in the digital world has significantly increased and the marketing campaigns that we continuously run in various channels generate real leads for us."
Tomáš Netolický
"DCD Publishing helps us coordinate the marketing activities of our vendors, although it is often not easy. I appreciate their proactive and creative approach."
Pavel Mohyla
TINT s. r. o.
"Newsletters, social networks and a corporate blog - all of this is provided for us by DCD Publishing, and I can focus on business development without any worries. All requirements from our side are taken care of quickly, no problems, nice communication."
Miroslav Radvan
M solutions SE
"They provided us with the design and creation of new websites that we like and meet current trends and standards. We are very satisfied with their services."
RNDr. Anton Korenčík
Gesto Computers, spol. s r.o.
"They create product subpages for our key products in accordance with the requirements of our partners and with regard to current marketing trends. They take care of marketing for me so I can make money."
Pavel Aliger
CSF, s.r.o.
HP DELL Xanadu a.s. Gesto Computers Visitech M Solutions CSF System Solutions

Our projects

Gaming Ready

In response to our own survey of Czech resellers, we have prepared a special digital supplement, which resulted in the full-fledged Gaming Ready web portal, which helps retailers penetrate the key areas of gaming. The aim of the website is to raise awareness of various topics that have not yet been studied in depth by domestic resellers.
Gaming Ready

Professional Computing

Web Professional Computing targets end users from the enterprise, midrange and SMB segments. We regularly publish professional articles, case studies and examples of IT solutions from the real business environment. The website deals with the needs and shopping habits of end users, and its visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with representatives of IT manufacturers and their offers for business cooperation.
Marketing 101

Reseller Magazine Online

The most visited B2B community portal for ICT and CE resellers in the Czech Republic. It is based on an online catalog of manufacturers and their distributors, detailed technical specifications of products, a calendar of upcoming events, current promotions. Readers will find daily news from the world of the sales channel of computer and telecommunications technology, market analysis, articles on business topics.
Reseller Magazine Online

Reseller Magazine

The first B2B magazine of its kind on the market is intended exclusively for sellers of computer technology and consumer electronics. It helps manufacturers and suppliers make their products and services visible throughout the sales channel. It informs about news, interesting products and acquaints readers with the latest trends in IT, business and marketing. In addition to the classic printed version, a fully digital edition is also available. You can find the current mediakit here.
Reseller Magazine

We enjoy
our work

We support each other and we will support you too.

We enjoy our work, we like to try new things and look for approaches that “fit” clients. We are not bound by any corporate culture, we are passionate about our clients’ projects and we want them to enjoy working as much as we do.