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New website with blog, unified visual and communication.

M Solutions SE specializes in business process management, cyber security and hardware delivery, offering a comprehensive portfolio of Dell EMC for the enterprise environment. To improve the user experience, we have redesigned the company’s website, filled its blog, sent out newsletters and managed social networks.

M Solutions

User-friendly website as the basis of communication

For existing and potential clients, it was necessary to create a clear and understandable website and blog, where readers would learn more about the areas and products that M Solutions SE deals with. The company’s original website used outdated technology, inconsistent design elements, unsatisfactory layouts, was not responsive, and did not provide an optimal user experience. The website also lacked SEO optimization (on-page and off-page), making it virtually invisible to search engines. Therefore, it was necessary to create content that is both understandable and useful for visitors and valuable for Internet search engines.

A new website with a blog where the reader is well acquainted

For the needs of M Solutions SE, we chose a simple one-page design, thanks to which we provided visitors with all the necessary information in one place. We supported the clarity with modern typography and the choice of simple color combinations, which guaranteed an undisturbed and clean appearance.

The new website also includes a blog, on which we inform current and potential M Solutions SE clients about technological innovations and trends that are in line with the company’s activities in the form of regular contributions.

We also took care of secure operation on HTTPS hosting, addition of legal requirements for information about cookies and connection of analytical tools for traffic monitoring – Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager, thanks to which the content and parameters of the website can be analyzed and adjusted. The website was created on the WordPress platform and is automatically backed up regularly.

M-Solutions web náhled
M-Solutions web náhled

Regular communication strengthens brand awareness

As newsletters are still an effective marketing tool, we have taken over the complete creation and distribution of a monthly newsletter, which is used to disseminate content from the company’s blog to the M Solutions SE contacts database. We have created a new visually attractive template that is in line with the concept of the website. This created a unified visual brand identity.

We also share blog articles and other news from the company’s activities on the company’s LinkedIn page, which we manage. We always consult with the client on the selection of topics to ensure that these are relevant areas and topics that will be beneficial for the client’s readers and business.

M-Solutions mailing náhled
M-Solutions newsletter náhled

Benefits of cooperation with M Solutions SE

We increase awareness of M Solutions SE and its activities through regular mailings and communication on social networks. A company blog is an ideal way to provide readers with information about current products and services that the company has in its portfolio.

Thanks to our cooperation, the company has not only a representative website, but also secured communication across digital channels, while we can flexibly respond to any requests for updates from the client.