DCD Publishing is an independent publisher of professional periodicals and on-line media, specialized in information and telecommunication (ICT) and consumer electronics (CE). Since 1999, we’ve been helping manufacturers and distributors to regularly inform their retailers of news and interesting products. We familiarize them with the latest trends in the area of interest and we organize expert conferences and seminars for them.


The most visited B2B community portal for ICT and CE in the Czech Republic. It is based on an online catalog of manufacturers and their distribution, detailed technical specifications of products, calendar of upcoming events, or current promotions. In addition, it provides daily news from the world of the sales channel for computer and telecommunication technology, market analysis, and articles about business issues.

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The first B2B magazine of its kind in the market, which is dedicated exclusively to vendors of IT and consumer electronics. It helps producers and suppliers to make their products and services available throughout the sales channel. It informs about new and interesting products and introduces the reader to the latest trends and provides useful information from the area of law and marketing guides.

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Web portal for users from enterprise, midrange, and SMB segments. We regularly publish professional articles, case studies, and examples of IT solutions from the real business environment.
The web also focuses on the needs and shopping habits of end-users, and its visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with representatives of IT manufacturers and their business cooperation offerings.

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The purpose of conferences and seminars is to inform the retailer of the latest trends and products of IT vendors. To the end-users we present the benefits of the solutions offered and their real use in organizations or companies of all sizes.


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Editorial Service is a media service complex based on the ICT market needs. We offer the possibility to customize media materials such as interviews, company profiles, case studies, or reports – all made professionally and to your liking.


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We will create professional training videos for you and we will be able to provide recording or live streaming of your seminars, conferences and other educational events to the selected user group or to the general public via our educational portal.